Alternate Realities

A fun thought exercise that my partner and I like to engage in is thinking about alternate realities — what would alternate reality Queenie be doing in this moment?

There could be parallel universes where I reacted to situations differently, attended a different high school, didn’t attend college, chose a different career path, and so much more. The fun of exploring these alternate realities is that it is vastly different from my current reality. It allows me to escape into a world of fantasy and imagination.

Exploring alternate realities also helps me realize the importance of certain events in my life. Had I not attended college and had the experiences I did in college, I may not have pursued my current career path. Had I not responded the way I did during an argument with my partner, we may not be together at this moment. Had I not eaten that brownie, I may not have had that stomachache. Each event serves its own importance in my life, whether big or small, and reflecting on what could’ve happened if I did X or if I didn’t do Y helps me realize that.

Just as fun as it is to reflect on alternate realities, it can also become a dark and scary process. When I was a child, If my parents did not realize I was missing in the grocery store when they did, I could’ve been kidnapped by the woman dragging me away. If I did not overcome the struggles and adversities that I did in middle school, I may not be here today. Realizing this helps me feel grateful for people in my life and the experiences I had. For some people, even if we may have bad blood, the arguments and scuffles that we’ve had helped me grow. Even if some memories are traumatic, they helped shape me to be the individual that I am today. A Queenie in an alternate reality where I didn’t meet those people or didn’t engage in those experiences wouldn’t be the same, as each experience contributes to the present Queenie.

Try this exercise on your own! What is the you in an alternate reality doing? What would’ve happened if you did something different?

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