Coping with Memes

During this past year, I became more interested in the idea of memes being used as a coping mechanism. In our current society, nothing is more true than the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” To some, memes may just be a form of Gen Z humor, but I interpret it as a way of communication and coping with our shared traumas. Memes I’d see online would talk about self-esteem issues, family conflict, and anxieties we all had. Through these seemingly unrelated captions and silly pictures, we are conveying messages that require others to relate emotionally and experientially in order to understand them. As we consume memes, we may find certain things resonating more than others as they trigger certain memories and experiences in us. Creators of memes are connecting with consumers of memes across the world.

In this mini project, I hope to share some of the memes I have created throughout time and comment on the stories behind it.

Click on the memes below for their associated stories. [Some memes and their pages may be unavailable but this page will be updated as time goes on with new memes and stories.]

Language Broker Duties
Moving Out
Miracle Water
Elders Know Best
Love Languages
The American Dream

“What do your parents do?”
Imposter Syndrome
Gamer Queenie